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October 11, 2021

Why Pest Control Is So Important?


For restaurant owners and their customers alike, any sort of pest that is caught scurrying or flying around a restaurant can be a horrid sight. Spotting one of these pests can generate a negative public opinion about your restaurant business, in turn lowering the chance of repeat customers. Unfortunately, food businesses are highly attractive to pests such as cockroaches and rodents, due to the large supply of food and ease of attainability. Any sort of pest infestation within a restaurant business can pose a significant health risk to customers, and if the correct measures are not effectively established to manage these pests, then it is evident that the risk of a food safety violation grows significantly higher. As a direct result of this, it is important that all restaurant owners ensure that they hire a licensed pest control technician such as those at Multipest, to help manage or prevent any pest infestations within your restaurant.

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So why are pests so attracted to restaurants? The answer is simple, food. Many pests such as cockroaches, rodents and ants can find the essentials for survival in a single location. These essentials include food, water, and dark, secluded places to hide. As a direct result, it is clear that even the cleanliest of restaurants are vulnerable to infestation, although keeping food items locked away can reduce the risk of infestation significantly. Pests such as rodents and flies will often get inside a restaurant on their own accord, however certain pests such as cockroaches are commonly introduced to restaurants in delivered boxes or through staff and customer bags. Other points of entry will also include the small gaps in restaurant doors or windows. It is impossible to know how a pest infestation will occur within your restaurant, however it is essential to hire an effective restaurant pest control service such as the one provided by Multipest, in order to eliminate any pests that are introduced to your restaurant before they can reproduce.

What are the dangers of pests within your restaurant? Pests of any kind can pose a substantial risk to your business by introducing health and safety issues to your restaurant. Below is a list of the most common restaurant pests and the hazards that they can create.


Rodents: rats and mice in particular are one of the most common pests found in Queensland restaurants. These rodents are a huge concern to restaurant businesses as not only can they spread a range of diseases such as salmonellosis through contaminating food sources, but they will often spoil food with their droppings. Additionally, these pests will often cause damage to electrical cables, leading to a significant fire hazard.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches are another commonly found pest within restaurants and just like rodents, they are a major cause for concern. Cockroaches carry a number of bacteria that can cause harmful diseases such as salmonella which is spread through their saliva and droppings. Their small size allows them to enter into restaurants and move around undetected. As a direct result, cockroaches can often reproduce and cause an infestation without being found. If a cockroach scurries out into the open, then it’s a sure sign that a cockroach infestation has already occurred within the restaurant.

Flies: unlike rodents and cockroaches, flies will often make their presence known within a restaurant, hovering around the kitchen or a customer’s table. This can be damaging to your restaurant’s reputation; however, it is not the most significant risk that is posed by flies. Flies will often breed in food sources, in addition to this, they are also known to spready hundreds of different pathogens which can lead to the contamination of food products.

These common pests listed above, all pose a significant risk to your customers health and safety. As a direct result, it is evident that the importance of pest control is second to none in maintaining a healthy restaurant. Whilst pest control is the most effective method of pest prevention it is clear that there are numerous things that a restaurant owner can do in order to reduce the risk of a pest problem. These include disposing of clutter such as old cardboard boxes or broken containers, locking away food sources in tightly sealed containers, and blocking all possible entrances inside of your restaurant by adding floor sweeps to doors and closing off any cracks within the building’s walls and window frames.

Hiring a licensed and professional pest control technician is ultimately the best method to ensure that your restaurant is free from rodents, cockroaches, flies, and any other pests. An experienced pest control technician such as the ones at Multipest will be able to effectively eliminate or prevent any pest issues within your restaurant, resulting in a safe and carefree experience for your customers.

Multipest is a professional termite and pest management company based out of Brisbane. We have over 25 years’ experience servicing commercial and residential properties of all kinds, especially restaurants. If you have a pest related issue, please don’t hesitate to contact Multipest immediately.