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Active Termites Solutions or Preventative Protection

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Multipest’s guide Termite Treatment Brisbane

The bushland and native termites surrounding Brisbane and the South East Queensland area exposes Brisbane homes to this destructive pest. Homes require Termite Protection in this part of Australia to avoid thousands of dollars in damage.

Brisbane also has a low water table and is susceptible to flooding, which means areas like Capalaba have pockets of waterlogged soil and high moisture content, providing an ideal breeding ground for termites. You can prevent termite attacks via a termite management system, just ask one of our pest technicians how.

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detect termites ahead of time What are some of the signs of a termite problem in your home?

There are a number of different signs that you could have a termite issue in your property. This includes the following:

Hollow sounding timber

Termites will usually consume wood from the inside out, which results in a very thin timber veneer. If you tap on an area that has termite damage, it can sound hollow because part of the timber has been eaten away from the inside.

Mud tubes

Subterranean termites will create mud tubes to stop moisture while they travel to their food source from their colony. Mud tubes tend to be located near to a property’s foundation.

Bubbling or uneven paint

This tends to be a sign of a build-up of moisture, which can mean one of two things; termites or water damage.

Wood damage

As mentioned earlier, termites will eat wood from the inside out, and so if you notice that the wood in your home has started to blister, this could be because of termites in your home.


Drywood termites will produce droppings while they eat through infested wood, and these droppings are wood coloured. If you find a small pile of what appears to be pellets, either outside or inside of your property, this could mean you have a dry wood termite infestation.

Discarded wings

A winged termite or alates are released from a nest to set up a new colony during whats known as a ‘flight’. The alates will lose its wings after a flight, so discarded wings are another sign that there is a termite colony close by.

Clicking sounds coming from your walls

If you have ever wondered what termites sound like, a clicking sound is the best way to describe it. Termites often shake their bodies or bang their heads against the wood, so you may be able to hear this if you have a termite issue on your property.

The local pest inspection experts you need for termite activity

If you have spotted any sort of termite activity in your home, it is important to act quickly. However, you need to make sure you contact a team of experts that understand the local area, which is exactly what you have discovered.

We have been providing termite management and control solutions for many years in the Brisbane area for years now. We understand the local environment and the termites that inhabit the local area, as well as the risks to timber-framed houses in the Brisbane area and the risks to Queenslander style homes, so you can be sure that there is no one better to help you with infestations and protect your health and property.

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If you would like to find out more about termite treatment and the different options we have available, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today for professional pest control. We have helped many people suffering from termites in Brisbane homes, and we are happy to answer any queries you may have, no matter how big or small.

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Multipest services Homes, Body Corporates, Real Estates, Commercial Properties, Schools and much more across Southeast Queensland for pest control and termite management. Our service areas include, but are not limited to, the following suburbs:

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