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Multipest’s guide Termite Barriers

Termites are destructive, capable of quickly causing thousands of dollars of damage. 1 in 3 homes in Queensland are at risk of a termite infestation, and taking swift action through termite treatments is the best way to protect your property from significant damage.

Termite barriers are one of the most effective ways of handling termites in your home. A termite barrier can help deal with an existing infestation, but it can also be a preventative measure.
At Multipest, we provide termite barrier treatments in Brisbane that provide long-term protection for your property. We offer a range of barrier treatments, choosing the most appropriate solution for your home to give it the protection it needs.

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What are the Benefits? The benefits of termite barriers

There are many situations you should consider termite barriers for your property. Whether you’re in the construction phase or you’re looking to put long-term termite protection in place, a barrier gives you effective protection without the hassle of regular treatments. Some of the key benefits include:


Long-lasting protection against termites


Quick and simple to set up


Can be installed at any time, including during construction when properties are particularly vulnerable to termite problems.

Types of termite barriers

Multipest pest controllers offer many types of termite barriers, providing solutions that suit different property types and needs. Some of the types of termite protection we offer include:

Chemical soil treatments

A chemical soil treatment is an effective way of dealing with termites. They work through the installation of a chemical barrier around the perimeter of a home, located underground to prevent termite infestation.

This type of treatment is designed to prevent termites from entering the area within the perimeter. The chemicals used are slow-releasing so that they can be carried back to colonies, destroying them completely.

While hazardous to termites, the chemicals used to prevent them are safe for people, pets and other animals.

Chemical reticulation systems

Chemical reticulation systems are designed to provide long-term termite protection for your home. It works by installing a network of underground piping through which a termicide can be distributed. This allows regular maintenance of your termite protection and is particularly suitable for new constructions or homes undergoing renovation.

Which termite barrier is best for you?

With multiple types of termite barriers out there, you’re probably wondering which one is the most suitable for your property. At Multipest, our termite barrier experts carry out a detailed inspection of your property and will make recommendations based on what they see. We use Termidor, a professional termite formula that provides superior protection for your home.

The recommended treatment will depend on your property’s size and type, but our experts have all the knowledge and experience to find you the right solution. We use Termidor, a professional termite formula that provides superior protection for your home.

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Multipest services Homes, Body Corporates, Real Estates, Commercial Properties, Schools and much more across Southeast Queensland for pest control and termite management. Our service areas include, but are not limited to, the following suburbs:

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