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Multipest’s guide Termite Baiting Systems

Termites are capable of significant destruction, causing a lot of costly damage to your home. Many homes are at risk of a termite attack, which is why it’s important to put measures in place to deal with these unwanted visitors and prevent them from coming back.

At Multipest, we’re experts in providing termite control solutions to customers in Brisbane. We use a range of methods to treat termite attacks, as well as prevent them from returning. Termite baiting systems are one of the methods we apply to ensure your home can deal with termite problems quickly and effectively.

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What are termite baiting systems?

Termite baiting systems work by taking a cellulose material that’s combined with a toxic bait designed to kill the termites that feast on it. The material is placed underground making it a subtle and effective baiting method. When termites feed on the bait, they ingest a slow-releasing toxin that will allow them to spread the chemical back to their colony and eliminate it.

If you suspect there are termites in your home, a professional pest control expert will firstly monitor your property for signs of termites. If there are signs of termites, then a baiting system may be used to help eliminate the problem.

Termite Baiting
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What are the benefits of termite baiting systems?

Chemical reticulation systems are designed to provide long-term termite protection for your home. It works by installing a network of underground piping through which a termicide can be distributed. This allows regular maintenance of your termite protection and is particularly suitable for new constructions or homes undergoing renovation.

How does termite baiting compare to other pest control methods?

A chemical soil treatment is an effective way of dealing with termites. They work through the installation of a chemical barrier around the perimeter of a home, located underground to prevent termite infestation.

This type of treatment is designed to prevent termites from entering the area within the perimeter. The chemicals used are slow-releasing so that they can be carried back to colonies, destroying them completely.

While hazardous to termites, the chemicals used to prevent them are safe for people, pets and other animals.

What are the benefits of termite baiting systems?

There are a lot of benefits that come with termite baiting systems, providing you with an effective way of managing a termite problem. Some of the key advantages include:

They eliminate the queen. This will help reduce colony sizes and stop the progression of termites in your property.

Termite baiting doesn’t require boosting, providing an effective treatment method.

They help with the monitoring of termite issues.

They are a cost-effective solution that’s quick and easy to install.

Working with Multipest to tackle termites in your property

At Multipest, we’re experts in dealing with termite problems. We can provide a range of solutions to tackle or prevent termite infestations, helping you benefit from fast and effective treatments.

We work across the Bayside area, Redlands and South of Brisbane, helping customers with all kinds of property types to protect them from termite damage. We’re experts at employing the best solutions for your property, making sure you benefit from protection that’s swift and effective.

We can help you understand how each termite treatment works and will put a plan in place to control termite attacks and leave you feeling confident that your property has the best protection in place.

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Multipest services Homes, Body Corporates, Real Estates, Commercial Properties, Schools and much more across Southeast Queensland for pest control and termite management. Our service areas include, but are not limited to, the following suburbs:

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