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October 11, 2021

Ridding Cockroaches in Restaurants


Cockroaches are a horrid sight, especially around food. They carry various parasites, diseases and bacteria that can be transmitted onto food that they come in contact with. Unfortunately, the diet of the cockroach is much the same as ours and they will generally eat from the same food sources, making restaurants a significant target when it comes to cockroach infestations. Not only can a cockroach infestation pose a significant health risk to a restaurant’s customers, but they can also ruin the reputation of your business as well.


So why are cockroaches attracted to restaurants? Probably the same reason that you might be. Food. But also, most restaurants offer everything that the cockroach is looking to survive, in one single location.  This includes food particles, moisture and various dark, hiding spots.

The idea that a dirty restaurant is the only condition for cockroaches to reside is a common misconception. Even the cleanliest of restaurants will attract these pests, although keeping your restaurant clean is a way to drastically reduce to risk of a cockroach infestation.

Cockroaches are often introduced from an external source. For restaurants specifically, the most common introduction of cockroaches is generally through delivery or through customer and employee bags. Access points also provide a means to an end for cockroaches, who may wish to come in from other food sources or locations such as neighboring businesses or bins. Cockroaches can flatten their bodies out and only require a gap of a few millimetres for access. Gaps under doors or cracks in the walls serve as perfect entry points for cockroaches.


What is the danger of cockroaches within your restaurant? Cockroaches carry various bacteria that could result in a serious health risk for your customers. Salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, and typhoid are all extremely common, and dangerous diseases that are known to be transmitted by cockroaches. It is essential that restaurant owners call a licensed, cockroach control professional, upon the first sighting of cockroaches.

So, what are some cockroach control tips for restaurant owners?

Firstly, avoid using DIY cockroach spays and repellents. In most cases, these products will not reach the dark and isolated areas of the restaurant. Worse still, using any kind of DIY spray has potential to be a significant food health and safety risk, and a misuse of these sprays could lead to a breach in customer safety.

Dispose of clutter: Cockroaches often hide in dark areas and will rarely be seen in the open. Old cardboard boxes and other random items provide the perfect opportunity for cockroaches to set up shop within restaurants.. The best way to avoid this issue is by breaking down and throwing away old boxes as well as keeping stock in a neat and orderly fashion.

Lock Away Food Sources: Often cockroaches will hide where there is food. The tight space under a fridge or within closed cupboards are the main areas that these pests will hide. By locking away food into tightly sealed containers, you will significantly lower the risk of contamination by cockroaches.

Seal Entrances: By adding floor sweeps to doors and entry ways, the entry points in which cockroaches can enter through become significantly smaller, makin access more difficult. In addition general building maintenance including repairing cracks immediately, sealing window and door frames can also reduce entry points. Finally a simple step is to keep doors and windows closed where possible.

Cockroach Control: Hiring a licensed and professional cockroach control technician such as those at Multipest, is ultimately the best way to ensure that your restaurant is free from a cockroach infestation. An experienced pest technician will be able to professionally assess and treat your property or restaurant

Multipest is a professional termite and pest management company that is based out of Brisbane. We have more then 25 years of experience in the industry, servicing various commercial properties, especially restaurants. In addition to this we also service domestic properties of all kind. If you find any cockroaches within your business or home, please don’t hesitate to contact Multipest immediately.

At Multipest, we ensure that all our technicians have a high level of expertise and quality customer service. This is achieved through implementing effective quality control which allows Multipest to shine new light into an old industry. Our team of technicians are highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to giving out clients a sae, carefree and most importantly, professional experience, that’ll help you to eliminate the pests in restaurant.