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October 11, 2021

Checklist: Buying a New Property


Spring is almost upon us, and that means the weather is warming up, Queenslanders are kicking off the Ugg Boots, packing up the doonas and donning the thongs & shorts and heading outside once more. 

It also means many Queenslanders are looking to make the big move into the property market and purchase a new home or investment property.  A quick search on the real estate websites reveals there is currently over 10 000 properties for sale in the Greater Brisbane region alone, 3500 in Logan City and a little over 2500 in Redland City. As we head into the weekend there is a good chance, there will be more than a few Queenslanders putting pen to paper this weekend in a bid to get their very own slice of paradise.

Buy a new property

So, you’ve found the house and the money is right on, what’s next? Domain has written a great article (filled with tips many of us may not think of) that all potential new home owners should read BEFORE signing on the dotted line. 


You wouldn’t buy a car without a road worthy. So why risk buying a new property without having a Building and Pest Inspection carried out by Qualified technicians. This is where Multipest comes in. Our Qualified Technicians are trained and accredited to perform a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections to Australian Standards. Using all the latest technology including infrared thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters as standard practice for all inspections. Our technicians have hands on industry experience and exposure to a range of current termite related products and product manufacturers.

Our technicians take the time to explain to our clients the results and findings of all Inspections, so you, the client, completely understand exactly what you are buying into.  


We are not builders, so why pretend to be? Unlike many other companies offering Pre purchase inspections, Multipest conducts all inspections in conjunction with a Licensed and fully qualified builder. Every inspection completed, is carried out by not one but TWO technicians, who are specialists in their respective fields. Upon completion the clients are supplied with TWO reports both completed to Australian Standards .

Multipest logo

So before you sign on the dotted line, contact our friendly administration staff and book your your building & pest inspection today. Our team will liaise with the Building Inspector and the agent to arrange everything. 

So go forth, inspect, bid or make an offer and know we have your Building & Pest Inspection requirements covered. Happy house hunting fellow Queenslanders.