Ants Pests Control Ants are, by far, the most numerous insects in the world. If you spot one in your home, you can be sure there are many more nearby.

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While ants are relatively harmless, they aren’t house guests you want in your home. They are attracted to food and can spoil it. They have also been known to chew through cables, which can cause damage in your home.
If you’re looking for a solution for how to get rid of ants, Multipest can help. We provide ant pest control services in Brisbane to help you say goodbye to ants in your home for good.

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Multipest's guide to ant pest control How to get rid of ants

Getting rid of ants can take some work, so it’s important to get rid of all ants to stop them from returning. Some common methods for dealing with ant problems include:

Spray essential oils like peppermint or lavender near doors and windows, they dislike the smell.

Use a chemical solution like boric acid, this can be a good solution for dealing with ant nests that are well hidden.

Pour boiling water on ant nests for the easiest way to treat ants.

Find any cracks or seals where they might be entering and seal them.

There are also things you can do to prevent ant nests, such as:

Make sure your kitchen and home are clean, with all tempting treats that attract ants put safely away.

Keep an eye on pet food bowls, if ants are nearby, create a perimeter of water to deter ants.

Remove water sources, as ants will look for these in dry, hot weather.

Ant Pest Control

At Multipest, we specialise in effective, affordable ant pest control. Working across Southeast Queensland, we have more than 25 years of experience dealing with household pests like ants.

Professional ant control treatment will involve using an AQIS-approved solution to destroy ants, while also inspecting for wall cavities and entry points. We will search for ant trails and make sure all ant infestations in your home are dealt with.

Using pest control services in Brisbane can provide a fast and reliable solution to your ant problem, leaving your home pest-free.

Types of ants we treat

At Multipest, we have experience dealing with different species of ant. We’ll use our expertise to identify the type of ants and develop a tailored solution for tackling ants in your home. Some of the ants we deal with include:

Bull Ants

Green Ants

Black House Ants

Bulldog Ants

Coastal Brown Ants

Odorous House Ant

Areas we service in Brisbane

We provide a range of pest control services in Brisbane. We cover Brisbane South Side, Moreton Bay and Redland Bay, helping customers deal with unwelcome visitors to their home.
Specialising in all types of common household pests, including ants, spiders, silverfish and cockroaches, we provide professional pest control to restore harmony in your home.



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What's more? How to get rid of ants inside

Do you have an ant problem inside your home?

Find the nest and trails and use hot water to destroy the nest. You could also use a chemical solution like boric acid to destroy the nest. Meanwhile, take steps to prevent ants by removing food sources and sealing cracks and entry points. Hiring professional ant control can help you deal with the problem quickly and prevent ants from coming back to your home.

Multipest can help you tackle your ant problem and get rid of ants permanently in your home. For more information about Brisbane pest control or to get a free quote, contact Multipest today.