Its Cockroach Breeding Season

With the warmer months now well underway, Queenslanders are enjoying the many wonderful outdoor activities our beautiful state has to offer. Unfortunately with the return of the warm, humid weather also comes the return of the dreaded and disgusting cockroach. Sydney is presently experiencing cockroaches in plague proportions due to more humid than usual weather. Our warm conditions this side of the border will soon see them scurrying into Queensland territory. 



Just in case you weren't already disgusted by these 6 legged disease carrying creatures, here's a few  more reasons. 

Ten facts you probably don't know (and don't want to know) about cockroaches.

  1.  Every seen a cockroach scurry off when you turn the light on in the middle of the night? They move fast right. Actually a cockroach can run up to 80 cm in a single second. 
  2. If you have ever tried the old 'drown them' trick, this would have been unsuccessful. Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 45 mins. 
  3. Ancestors of the cockroach date back to the jurassic period. 
  4. Safety in numbers. Where there is one cockroach, there will be many, many more. 
  5. No space is too small. A full sized cockroach only requires the tiniest of gaps to squeeze through. Even a pregnant 
  6. Cockroaches are thigmotropic, meaning they like feeling something solid in contact with their bodies, preferably on all sides. Gives new meaning to the invasion of personal space.
  7.  Not even decapitation will stop these creatures. Well not instantly anyway. A cockroach does not require its head to breathe, instead using the spiracles along the sides of its body.  Eventually it will succumb to dehydration, however this may take a FEW WEEKS. 
  8. No food source is off limits. They will literally eat everything and anything they can. 
  9. As if they weren't terrifying enough, on top of their impressive list of skills, speed and ability to get into the smallest of spaces, they also fly. 
  10. Cockroaches build up resistance to chemicals. This means that the manufacturers of Pest Control Products are constantly testing their products to ensure they remain effective in the war against cockroaches. 

So what can you do the stop the cockies from setting up shop at your home or workplace? Cleanliness is key. Washing up as soon as you are finished your meal, clean up crumbs and food scraps,  regularly remove rubbish from the home. 

On top of this, call in the experts and have a professional pest control treatment carried out. Qaulity Pest Control technicians have access to top quality products, that can provide your home with up to 12 months protection against cockroaches as well as other annoying pests such as spiders, ants, cockroaches, rodents and many more. 

Pest Control Technicians, not just another tradie

Multipest Man with Logo.jpg

It is a common knowledge across all businesses, regardless of industry, that good staff can make or break you. For instance, have you ever been to your favorite coffee shop, only to be greeted by a new barista, who isn't quiet up to scratch. It can be an instant put off. The same applies to our choice of trades people, the trusted electricians, plumbers, pest controllers you let into your home, to carry out what you know will be quality work. 

So how do you tell the good from the bad when it comes to pest control technicians? How about starting with a little background knowledge into the training that is involved in developing one of Multipests knowledgeable, professional & hard working technicians.


- Hiring Process - When it comes to the selection process, Multipest seeks out potential trainees with good morals, excellent work ethic and the big one... no industry experience. The benefits of this, we are starting on a clean slate, without bad habits that may have been picked up by previous employers. Our technicians are trained the right way, the first time. 

- Traineeships - aka doing the hard yards. All new pest control technicians start as trainees. They spend a minimum 12 months working as an offsider for one of our fully qualified, experienced, senior Timber Pest Technicians.  

- Formal Training - All trainees undertake formal training via a Registered Training Organisation. This comprises of two blocks of face to face training, onsite practical assessment & written assessment. To become a full qualified Timber Pest Inspector, all technicians must first successfully complete their Pest Controller & Termite Management courses. This whole process can take up to 2 years. 


- More Hard Work - Now that our Technicians are trained & licenced, they can sit back and relax right? Wrong. In addition to their labour intensive workloads, Our Technicians are constantly learning. Whether this is through product specific training courses with our suppliers, toolbox talks in house, research or further study, there is always an opportunity to advance their skill sets. 

- Workplace Environment- Promoting a positive workplace environment, providing opportunities for personal development, commission incentives, ongoing support. Multipest aims to keep our staff happy and positive, which translates to a better service and product for our valued customers.