What you can't see, won't hurt you. Right?


We live in a busy age. Life for most of us is busy. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, in this busy age, we are time poor, and priorities such as home maintenance often get pushed down the list a bit. Sometimes they get pushed down too far, and before you know it, its too late.

While we are off busy running around with our day to day lives, we don't see the early signs of termites happily snacking on our homes. We see the cockroaches that fly in and frankly scare the bejeepers out of us, we see the spiders webs or trails of ants to the crumbs on the bench. We see the prompts that the time has come to have the Pest Controller come and spray the house again this year. But what about the Termites?

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While having regular Pest Control to keep the cockies, spiders, ants and other disease carrying pests at bay is important, we often forget (or don't know) we need to look at the big picture. We forget to protect the house itself. The largest and mostly valuable asset. The facts is consumers have limited knowledge about the presence or destructive capabilities of Termites. Our TV's are flooded with over the counter sprays & automated devices and we all know and recognize Mortein's Louie the Fly. But when was the last time you saw a commercial about Termites?  

The stats here is Queensland are scary. 1 in 3 houses in the high risk areas are susceptible to termites. Which makes sense, after all we have perfect conditions for them to set up colonies and flourish. Plenty of food sources in the form of trees, gardens, timber etc, its warm and plenty of moisture about.   

Let the Technicians take the worry away. 

So next time you see the Cockies and go to ring your Pest Controller, think about the pests you don't see. Regular Termite Inspections are crucial to protect your property. For most standard domestic sized properties, an hour and a half is all the time that is needed to inspect the property for signs of Termite Activity. Allowing a Qualified Technician to inspect and report on their findings and provide additional advice could save you thousands in damage bills. The Admin staff will even set up annual reminders, so when your inspection is due each year you'll get a friendly phone call, an email or message to remind you the inspection is due again. 

Concerned you already have termites? Free Advice is just a phone call away. Our technicians can be onsite, (usually within a day or so) to take a look and provide you with the best options to deal with the unwanted house guests. 


Cockroaches..... cont.

Although there are several types of Cockroaches, not all are bad or pests. Some species of Cockroaches play a crucial part in the Eco-system, benefiting the environment by playing their part to recycle decaying organic material. Its a gross job, but someone or something has to do it. 

The Cockies we really want to target and eradicate are the ones who wreak havoc on our homes. With Cockroaches, comes diseases, unpleasant odors and mess. So to win the war on Cockies, heres what you should know;

How do the get into our houses? 

Cockroaches can enter your home in many different ways, given their size and shape,  through cracks and crevices are the easiest entry point. But they will also enter through vents, drains, windows, under doors and even up drain pipes. What you may not realize is you can even introduce them yourselves by bringing them into the homes in grocery bags, boxed items and even on your person. Insert Shudder. 

Mi casa, Your casa

Unfortunately our homes provide the perfect breeding ground for cockies. plenty of food - Check. Warm - Check. Water - Check. Place to set up home aka nest. - Big Check. 

One + One = One Thousand.

Two Cockroaches, can quickly become hundreds or thousands. As mentioned, Cockroaches are nocturnal and therefore you won't see them getting around during the day. For every one you may see, guaranteed there will be many, many, many more hiding in places you don't or can't see and chances are they are expanding their colony by the day. 


We all know dust mites can affect those of us with allergies, but did you know so can Cockroaches. Cast off Cockroach skins, decaying bodies and droppings can aggravate allergies and Asthma, especially in children and sensitive individuals.

Put down the Can

There are many DIY options out there for pest control, that you the consumer can simply buy off the shelf at your local Woollies, Coles, Bunnings etc. And we have all seen the TV ads about Louie the Fly and his mates meeting their fate. But as we all know DIY is often ineffective. Like other species, Cockies evolve to adapt their environment, meaning their eggs are natural protected against the can of spray which may take down Louie. 

Trained technicians can treat your property for Cockies using specialist equipment and a range of Chemicals mixed to exact ratios for longevity and effectiveness. Chemicals that are constantly scientifically tested by the Manufacturers and adjusted as Cockies (and other pests) become resilient.  Chemicals that can only be accessed by a licensed Pest Technician. They know where to look for them, in hiding places you may not think to look in.